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90 Minute Divorce Heart Healing Session - Heal Your Heart, Be Open to Love Again, Attract Love, Feel Safe and Able to Trust Again!


 Have you closed your heart or are you guarding it tightly? Do you have fear and anxiety about dating and relationships?



Most people don't realize how deeply divorce affects their heart, well being, and ability to attract the things most desired in life. Divorce heart healing sessions open and heal your heart so you can attract love, feel safe, and be able to trust again.

Divorce Heart Healing Sessions help you heal from anger, sadness, regret and resentments so that you can open your heart again and create happy, healthy, loving relationships.

   The session is designed to heal your heart so you're able to move on without baggage and create healthy relationship patterns.

Truly heal your heart so you finally leave behind the "gunk" of the failed relationship and clear and cleanse your heart so you can move forward without the baggage. The energy will support you in recreating the vision of your next partner, when you are ready to love again.... as well as inspire you to honor, cherish, and love yourself so you can create a healthy relationship.

The Divorce Heart Healing Session will help you heal and attract love again.

Stagnant energy will be released and blockages to the heart center will be cleared.

  If you're committed to healing your heart and being open to love again, this session is perfect for you and will help you to be your highest expression as a Soul!

If you are hurting and heartbroken this session will heal your heart and open you to loving again. As the heart is healed you will feel safe to love again.

As well, this session will work on removing unhealthy cords and or connections between you and  your ex, repairing damage caused through this relationship, and bring all of your energy levels that are associated with this issue back to a high vibrational state.

The way to manifest something in your life is to keep building the energy - stiring it up and building it to be bigger and bigger. In your sessions we build that energy. When that energy increases, manifestation happens! Your heart is healed and you are ready to love again!

This session will release your fear and limiting beliefs so that you shift into an energy that will support you in creating relationships that are amazing, fulfilling, and mutually supportive…go for it! 

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