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Archangel Gabriel Oracle Reading - Receive Depth of Clarity As to the Nature of Your Soul and Being, Be reminded of your Purpose, Receive Comfort

$111.11 $199.99

This special, emotionally empowering and insightful reading delivered by email. The reading is a channeled reading.

 It is something to treasure, to return to again and again over the years. To remind you of your soul’s purpose, to comfort you in times of adversity. To place you back on the right path to joy and fulfilment when you have been distracted and swayed from your true nature. It is the most loving and enduring gift you can choose to give to yourself.

 The reading will give you depth of clarity as to the nature of your soul and being. The reading is many pages long.

 In the beginning of the reading it sets the scene for your Angels to reveal themselves; for the gossamer strands of communication to be established, therefore allowing your soul’s purpose to be revealed. Secondly, the reading will describe and explain everything your Angels as well as Archangel Gabriel feel are most important to you at this time in ways you will clearly understand. The information will help you to know more about your soul’s intention in this lifetime.


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