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Abundance, Poverty, Scarcity, Resistance, Clearing and Healing Package - Create and Manifest the Abundant Life You Desire - Quickly!


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The Abundance, Poverty, Scarcity, Resistance, Clearing and Healing Package includes 8 powerful healing sessions. Each Session is 120 minutes.

Descriptions of each session are as follows:

  Session One : The first session in this package will assist in removing the old beliefs and patterns you hold regarding abundance and recalibrate your energetic fields so that you are reprogrammed for abundance to come into your life and path. As a result you will experience powerful, positive mind shifts so that you are attracting, creating and manifesting the abundant life you desire in your heart of hearts. As well, you will no longer continue to create the same old patterns in your life that do not work for you and which you have outgrown anyway. All of the past issues that have created blocks to abundance will be released so that you are receiving the abundance that is yours by Divine right. The energy works on the grid line that covers the abundant ways of thinking, being, acting and manifesting within your life and path. The energy will support you in being aware, open and receptive to the many, many opportunities presented to you for abundance. 

Session Two : The next session in this package will work on the poverty and scarcity consciousness that has been adopted in your life whether by family of origin, media, economy, partners, environment, and the like. In this session the energy fields will be cleared from scarcity, lack and poverty based thinking, consciousness, healing the issues from within so that these issues can be released and you can move onward and upward in your life and path. Old paradigms within your energetic fields will be cleared so that these scarcity, lack based thoughts and feelings do not return to your life causing havoc in your life and blocking you from creating the life you truly desire. This will allow you to send positive and abundant thoughts and feelings out into the Universe and hence return abundance to all areas of your life, path and consciousness.

 Session Three : The third session in the package will help you to overcome resistance in your life on all levels. This will enable you to manifest your dreams and get in touch with the strong desires within to accomplish any goal, task or manifest any dream. All of the issues held within the soul, mind, heart, spirit, on the emotional, mental, spiritual and or energetic levels will be removed so that you do not block your dreams and goals from manifesting. All issues will be released so that you do not consciously or unconsciously practice resistance as you try to accomplish things in your life and path. As a result you will have less obstacles to overcome and prevent yourself from walking through problems that are created by resistance. As the barriers are broken down with this energetic healing you will move into positive and powerful healing light so the path ahead allows you to create and manifest your goals, aspirations, desires and dreams.

 Session Four : In the this session fear of economic insecurity, failure, poverty, scarcity, will be removed so that these fears are no longer creating energetic disturbances within your energy frequencies which cause more negative issues, stagnant energy, energy leakages, and much more. As these fears are healed and energetic issues that cause them are removed this will create a shift within your energy field that supports you in creating the happy, fulfilling, prosperious, abundant life you desire.

  Session Five : This session will heal belief systems that do not serve your highest and best good that have been adopted from parental, authority figures or other influential figures in your life affecting the area of abundance, prosperity and success. Having cleared these you will be able to get in touch with your unlimited potential and ability to accomplish whatever you desire. With the blockages cleared you will no longer be blocked from obtaining what you truly desire. These imprinted belief patterns will be removed from your energetic fields so that these blockages that were placed by parental, influential, care givers, or authority figures no longer hold you back in any area of your life and path of purpose. This session will remove these negative energetic blocks so that your energy will flow freely and you can make decisions that are in alignment with your highest best and good and move forward instead of struggling in the financial areas of your life and in achievement of dreams and goals.

 Session 6 : In this session you will receive a Financial Protection Blessing. This will provide you with extra protection in your life from any negative influence that can affect your financial life and future. This will protect you, your money, possessions, investments, home, financial future, your energetic fields, job, career, business, website, financial matters, etc. This session can be customized to include any area of your life that needs financial protection blessings. Simply email the areas you wish to have covered specifically after you make your purchase.

Session 7 : In this session you will receive energy to support you in attracting and ushering in money energy, financial issues, prosperity, abundant money and living in positive ways. This blessing is designed to help increase your income, finances, wealth, money goals, assets, investments, net worth, material things, possessions, abundance, prosperity, money, manifest a new job.... manifesting any goal or dream. It can be personalized to include whatever is important to you at this time. After you make your purchase, email anything you wish to have blessed regarding ushering in money energy, specific goals, dreams, financial issues, and the like. Whatever your issues just make them known for your financial blessing session.

 Session Eight : This session will give you an extra boost of energy to help open and strengthen the beacon of energy that you are putting out into the Universe to attract prosperity and abundance into your life and path. It will help to change things in your life in a positive way so that you can draw into your life the things that you really want and are seeking. As well, it will support doing so an accelerated manner. It will energize you to navigate through blocks, walls, impediments, barriers, challenges, on your path that are blockiing and or impeding the creation and manifestation of the abundant life you wish to create. The energy will support you in moving through obstacles or blocks with ease and or removing them from your path altogether. If you want to manifest your desires quickly this attraction and opportunity booster will remove any barriers that are in your way and open up the energy path for you to have what you desire as quickly as possible.












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