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50% OFF Unlimited Abundance Session - Clear and Release Abundance Energy Blocks for 2013 and beyond! - 90 Minute Clearing Session


reg price 79.99

This 90 Minute energy clearing and healing session is designed to help you unlock your abundance and clear and release energy blocks to abundance for 2013 and beyond.

If family backgrounds, false and or negative beliefs are blocking you from attracting and manifesting abundance in your life then this session is essential for you. Any negative family paradigm that blocks your flow of abundance will be released. Old beliefs and paradigms will be cleared, dissolved, and re-written so that you can become more money conscious and attract more money and opportunities into your life in the New Year and beyond. All negative energy blocks, abundance blocks that are holding you back from wealth and prosperity will be released.

Abundance Blocks are subconscious barriers that prevent you from manifesting wealth. These will be released so that they are no longer sabotaging you.

Your natural wealth attraction for 2013 will be enhanced so that you are attracting and manifesting abundance in all forms in the coming New Year.

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