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90 Minute Soul Healing Session with Archangel Raphael - Be free of reoccuring destructive emotions/mental programming! Release Negative Patterning


The Soul Healing Session is designed to help you to clarify ego distortions, expand personal development, create new behavior patterns, and so much more.

With this healing energy you will find freedom from reoccuring destructive emotions and mental programming. It will bring greater awareness of the reasons for reoccuring patterns in your relationships and conditions in life.

With the help of Archangel Raphael self esteem, your sense of self worth and ego will be strengthened and enhanced, and you will be able to assume responsibility for your own behaviors, motives, intentions, emotions, desires, and actions.

Personal awareness will be increased and as sense of integrity as well as expanded inner spiritual awareness will develop. As well the inner spiritual awareness will be expanded and you will be connected with the Higher Self, Source, Angels and Archangels.

Archangel Raphael will release the spirit from regret and ambivalence. Fragments and separated parts of the personality will be reintegrated. Understanding of individual core patterns and soul/life purpose will be clearer. The Archangel will faciliate a cleared mind so that is a reflecting point or mirror for the pure self consciousness and the flow of universal harmony in your life, without blockages or obstructions.

The energy will rebalance core patterns to perfect center point where you can claim 100% of your energy, personal power and activate your full potential to fulfill your life mission and purpose.

As well the session will assist you in living in the moment so that you are no longer dwelling on the past so much so that it distorts the present moment.

Archangel Raphael will bring everything back into balance with who you are today. And as this is done, you will heal and your vibrations will rise.

Hurtful emotional experiences and memories will be cleared so that they do not negatively shape the way you think, feel and relate to your world.

 Whether aware of it or not, the strong influence of early learning impacts the adult sense of self more than most understand.Subconscious programs and patterns from the past will be released; as well as the negative conditioning to help you to discover the next best action along your own journey. You really can make the changes you want.

This session is for you if you are ready to let go of your past. Do not let emotions of life overwhelm you any longer. If you are tired of your own life story then this session is for you. Be free from making decisions based on past experiences that are affecting you today. This soul healing and clearing session is a powerful way to discover your own self truth as it will integrate your whole being with your Higher Self.

Negative patterns your subconscious mind gives energy to will be released. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that knows everything that has ever happened to you, all your realities and experiences since the time you came from the Creator. Any current conflicts at the inner personal level will be released. Protection from outer influences and energies will be given so that you experience increased awareness and understanding, as well as accept full responsibility for your own motives, intentions, emotions, desires, thoughts, behaviors and actions.

No longer will you create negative patterns over and over in our life. Rather this session will give you the ability to gain the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of your lessons. In addition, any fears or emotional residue you may be holding over a particular issue which throws further illusion over current problems, making them seem almost impossible to see will be released so that you can see the bigger picture. The energy work will heal and reprogram the ways the inner mind assists you so that you acknowledge and release self-made barriers.


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