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90 Minute Negative Energy Clearing Session for Animal/Pet


Animals are much like people, in that they, too, have subconscious programming that causes them to think, react, and behave in negative ways. Animals can benefit from having their negative energy cleared just as humans do. This programming often comes from past lifetime experiences, so even if you have treated your animal as kindly as possible its entire life, you may still notice some quirky or aberrant behaviors that have no logical explanation—based on this lifetime’s experience! Help for your animal on an subtle energy level can be helpful to your entire household. As well, animals who are rescue animals and or adopted animals may have suffered bad treatment prior to coming to your home.

Common stressors are:

Trips to the vet.

Other animals in your home.

Being abandoned.

Threats to survival (for outdoor animals.)

Surgical procedures.


An environment where people smoke.

Exposure to diseased or emotionally distraught animals.

Abusive treatment by people, or even other animals.

Exposure to toxicity in environment (chemicals, cleaners, electromagnetic fields from computers, TVs, microwaves. etc.)

Worry or negativity generated by owner [Often animals will pick up or act out their owner’s negativity, in which case a clearing for the owner may be recommended.]

Vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, or other loud, frightening noises.

This Session can help your pet by:

Releasing any past trauma or negative memories from the animal.

Clearing their subconscious programming that causes them discomfort or unhappiness, or causes them to behave in negative or detrimental ways.

Repairing any damage to the energy field contributing to their problems. [Caused by abusive treatment by people, other animals, surgical procedures, or exposure to electromagnetic fields.]

Helping clear any viruses or bacteria that might be hampering the animal’s physical health.

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