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90 Minute Worthiness Healing and Clearing Session - Transmute Deep Subconscious Beliefs/Past Painful Experiences, Clear Energetic Blockages, More



Feeling that you are not worthy is one of the biggest blocks to happiness and abundance of all kinds. These subconscious blocks of feeling not deserving of love and goodness in life extend from attracting ideal mates for healthy romantic relationships, manifesting your soul mate, abundance you desire, the dream career or opulent lifestyle you desire. This session will restore feelings of worthiness of receiving all expressions of goodness, love, abundance, success, and more.


t is critical to clear these feelings and blockages so we can achieve success and happiness in life. This session is designed to clear away the negative feelings and replace them with positive ones. Because issues of deserving can negatively affect every aspect of life it is important to heal these so that you no longer unconsciously punish yourself due to low self esteem, poor self image, lack of self love and respect, and get involved in situations that do not serve your highest good whether it is in your romantic life, career, or any other area of your life. You may even find yourself doing all kinds of things like affirmations, visualizations, and the like to attract what you desire and find that these do not work for you. This can be because on an unconscious level you are feeling that you do not deserve your heart's desires. This session will remove those subconscious feelings of unworthiness and undeservedness so that you can move forward in your path and life and heal from disappointments and past experiences which made you decide you were not worthy and deserving of goodness of all kinds. This will remove subconscious blocks to attracting and manifesting what you want in your life. False and or limiting beliefs will be cleared so that you can adopt Divine truth filled beliefs reconnecting to unlimited thinking, potentials and possibilities. 


This session makes clients feel so good they often want to repeat it.


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