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90 Minute Clearing of the Emotional Pain Body - Be cleared of all past painful experiences and events and be free of drama, pain and suffering.


If you have read The Power of Now and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle then you are aware that the Emotional Pain Body is the main cause of drama, pain and suffering in humanity. The pain body has two levels of pain: the pain you create now and pain from the past. Every emotional pain that you experience now leaves behind a residue of pain that LIVES on in you, it merges with the pain from the past which was already there and becomes lodged in your mind and body.

This includes the pain you suffered as a child caused by the unconsciousness of the world you were born, the pain from your family system and your own personal painful experiences throughout your life (there are actually more layers). Then there is the pain you continue to create anytime you experience a state of resistance or non-acceptance to what is. This equates to the judgment or thought that says “things should not be this way.” This accumulated pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind, like an invisible entity or parasite on its own right.

The emotional pain body can be either dormant or active. For some people the pain body might be active all the time yet for most people the pain body becomes activated in certain situations like intimate relationships or specific situations linked with past loss, abandonment, betrayal, financial struggles, fears and psychological, emotional, physical hurt.

Anything can trigger it, especially if it resonates with the pain pattern from your past. In fact people and couples are attracted based on the frequency of their own pain body, this is the Law of Resonance. When it is ready to awaken from its dormant state even a thought or innocent remark made by someone else close to you can activate it.

ou can recognize as it takes the form of irritation, impatience, a somber mood, anger, rage, depression, a desire to hurt or the need to have some drama in your relationship.

The pain body wants to survive just like any other entity in existence and it can only survive if it can get you to unconsciously identify with it. Only then can it rise up, take over you and become you and live through you. It needs to get its food trough you and the reactions of other people. That is why the pain body loves and thrives on intimate relationships.

It will feed on any experience that resonates with its own kind of energy, anything that creates pain in whatever form; like anger, destructiveness, hatred, resentment, grief, emotional drama, violence and even illness. When the pain body has taken over you it will create a situation in your life that reflects back its own energy frequency for it to feed on. Once the pain body has taken you over you want more pain, you become a victim or perpetrator.

The pain body can be transcended. Through this session you will enter a state of presence, a higher dimension of consciousness. You become the witness of the observer of the pain body so that it cannot use you anymore by pretending to be you nor can it longer replenish itself through you.

You will no longer go into an automatic, unconscious and reactive state of identification with the pain.

This session is designed to energetically clear the source of the pain body. In this session the pain body will be permanently and completely energetically cleared of all the past painful experiences and events that left a residue of pain and spawned the pain body.

 The results are that you become lighter, accret more light and remain more present.

People, things, events and remarks that would trigger the pain body in the past will no longer cause you to react. For example, you will remain present even while attending a family gathering. People who would trigger you in the past will be forced to change their ways of interaction with you because you will no longer react to usual tactics, and therefore they will no longer push your buttons. You will attract a higher frequency grid of people, places, times, things, events and opportunities that are in line with your Higher Self and for your highest good.

You will break free from that pain body that keeps creating drama, pain and suffering.

The highest priority past painful experiences that spawn your pain body and the negative thoughtforms related to them will be cleared.

Anything that is activated in your field, perfect for those moments when you have a reaction of fear, sadness, worry, stress, anxiety or overwhelm will be cleared and you will be brought back to a state of equanimity and peace.


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