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90 Minute Intensive Healing Session with Archangel Raphael



During this session I will spend time in quiet reflection and then read a prayer of evocation of the white light, your highest guides, and the angels; asking for assistance and clarity for the session. I will then spend a few quiet moments.

When possible, at the time of the session, it is good if you also spend time quietly stating your intention(s) for the session, and simply relax, and enjoy the energy.


Archangel Healing Session:

I am gifted with the ability to channel Archangel Raphael as a full body channel. During the quiet reflection, Archangel Raphael's energy and essence becomes one with mine. Archangel Raphael then conducts your healing session. He will lay his hands on you so that you can experience the full array of his exquisite healing energy.

Archangel Raphael will work on the areas in need of healing. Every session is different, but he will typically work on your physical, mental, and emotional bodies; as well as your 7 auric fields. Archangel Raphael has been known to restructure/ re-wire the nervous system, evolve the brain function, remove duality, heal the physical, release/ remove fears, stored emotions, false beliefs, less than love energies, negative energies/thoughts/emotions, among many other things. He will work with all of the energy bodies (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and auric) and energy codes in your body.


After making your purchase, please email any intentions that you personally have for the session. Is theresomething you’d like to work on? Are you feeling any pain or discomfort in the physical body? Are there any emotions, stresses, or situations that you’d like to release? Would you like to release past life issues, habits, or thought patterns? These are just a few of the areas that Archangel Raphael can aid you in healing. There is not an area that the Archangel cannot help you with!

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