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90 Minute Heart Chakra Healing Session


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The heart chakra (Anahata, in Sanskrit) is located at the center of the heart. It is mainly responsible for the energies of limitless compassion, empathy and love. This chakra is the centre of the whole chakra system as it links the lower and upper chakras together. 

An unbalanced heart chakra makes one manifest things like hatred, despair, fear, jealousy, anger, revenge and lack of empathy. On the physical side, imbalance makes one have the following illnesses – including heart and lung conditions, blood diseases, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis and breast cancer. In order to avoid these conditions you must ensure that your heart chakra is always balanced.

Someone with a balanced heart chakra has the ability to show and receive love. This means you can show compassion and love for everyone and you will be clearly connected to others and other living things around you. This is why this chakra is characterized by unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and peace.

 The Heart Chakra Session is designed to heal, balance and align your heart chakra. It will clear all fears surrounding love, including emotional trauma, pain and hurt relating to all past and current relationships. This will clear out the emotions being stored in the heart chakra so that we do not close our heart as a form of self protection. The emotional hurt in the heart chakra will be gently released so that the heart chakra is open and operating as it should so that you can experience loving and forgiving others and the self again. 

This form of healing is very deep and powerful and goes into the very core of your heart chakra and its many chambers that reside in your heart chakra. With a clear, clean, balanced, opened and fully functional heart chakra you will feel more compassionate towards others and be able to give and receive unconditional love for self and others. You will be more empathetic to those close to you. Forgiveness with come with greater ease. The Heart Chakra Healing Session is like being bathed in divine love and light and with all its benefits working together you will be able to move forward in abundant love, light, joy and happiness and be guided by your heart.


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