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90 Minute Harmonious Relationship Clearing and Healing Session



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Each individual will receive healing for early wounding and personal dynamics developed and negative patterns through life experiences because these experiences lead to the creation of beliefs and images which in turn generate strategies to protect one's self in relationships. These limit the ability to be in nourishing and harmonious relationships so they are cleared and transmuted. Working on each individual will affects the relationship inasmuch as one person is restored to a harmony and balance and this in turn spills into the relationship.

The focus of the relationship healing is to bring the relationship to a higher vibration and frequency so that balance and harmony is restored and relationship challenges can be resolved in love. Any issues or past life experiences influencing the relationship, causing difficulty, disharmony, or in need of being resolved will be cleared. This will allow more love, compassion and forgiveness to take place within the relationship. The energy clears the negative dynamics of the relationship and transforms them for a more harmonious relationship.

These sessions will direct harmonious and peace filled healing to assist you in completing lessons between you so that past life experiences do not affect your relationship negatively. If there are soul contracts, vows, agreements, ties, cords, that do not serve the highest and best good of each soul and the relationship these will be cleared, cut, severed, released. The collective field of the two persons will be worked on to support and accelerate improvement in the relationship. Work will be done on the energy field of the relationship and the cords that exist between both persons. The cords and the stagnant energy accumulated will be removed so that the relationship is no longer so difficult and full of challenges. The energy will stop negative patterns in the relationship so that you can develop new ways of connecting and relating that bring forward harmony, peace, happiness, and fulfillment.


As these negative influences are cleared and released and harmonious energy is given to each soul and the relationship this will bring forward a stronger bond between the two souls involved allowing deep connection, intimacy, closeness. The energy of unconditioinal love, peace, harmony, balance, forgiveness, compassion, will bring forward a higher vibration for each soul and for the relationship.

 This session is broken down into 30 minute segments. 30 minutes is devoted to each individual in the relationship and 30 minutes is devoted to the relationship itself to restore harmony within each person and the relationship itself.

These sessions can be ordered for any type of relationship whether it is a romantic/soul mate/marriage partner, coworker, boss/superior, parent/child, etc.

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