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90 Minute Soul Mate Preparation Clearing and Healing Session


This session is designed to help you to find your soulmate. If it is your desire create a committed, lasting, spiritual relationship and union with your soul mate then this session is for you!

Unconscious blocks to love will be released. The energy will assist you in such a way that you are draw your soul mate to you like a magnet. Positive and radiant energy will be sent out to attract your soul mate to you in a positive way.

Anything from the past that would limit your ability to meet your soulmate now, including past loves, challenging past-life experiences, and limiting childhood patterns and programming, as well as any issues connected to your soul mate from past lifetimes will be released. Old, outdated, less than love programming (conscious or unconscious) will be cleared so that you are not carrying old negative programs into your soul mate relationship when you are united.

Healing energy will be given to help you to connect with the energy of your soulmate on the inner planes and draw your soulmate to you in accordance with your Highest and Best Good and in Divine timing. During the session you will receive needed energy to merge with the energy of your Soul and step fully onto your soul's path so that you create the life that has the highest Light while you draw your Beloved to you and fulfill your romantic destiny in an atmosphere of unconditional love.

The session will strengthen the bond between you and your soul mate on an energetic level so that they will be drawn right to you for the highest and best good for you and your life.

As well, energy will be transmitted to you that will enable you to become a true adult, fulfilled, and your own best beloved. This powerful energy will allow you to love yourself unconditionally and nurture your inner child. As as result, you will experience the opening and expanding of your sexual energy and balancing of masculine and feminine energies, making you whole within yourself and ready for your soul mate relationship.

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