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90 Minute Unresolved Past Life Experiences Clearing and Healing Session


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The purpose of  the unresolved past life experience clearing and healing session is to clear unresolved, residual experiences from past lives so you are not transferring this image onto the present, and recreating the same limiting life patterns. Karmic residue will be removed so the soul does not create the same circumstances over and over again. This will help you to heal heal the troubles of the past. This is easier to do now than then. As you are released from the pain and suffering of the past you can come to a deeper wisdom and understanding in the present.


In session the obstacles and limitations generated by unresolved past-life experiences will be cleared. In each incarnation, your soul chooses to heal deep soul wounds from prior lifetimes. Your soul led you to this type of healing because you are ready to heal deep soul wounds from prior lifetimes in this lifetime so that you do not repeat patterns that do not serve your soul's highest and best good.

 In this session, you will heal and resolve core, ongoing life themes and resolve multi-dimensional manifestations of these themes. You will heal the past-life experiences that created these soul wounds resolving current-life re-enactments from birth, childhood, and your adult life. You will then be able to integrate soul lessons, freeing you to move beyond these soul wounds and manifest your soul purpose.

 The result is a profound healing of issues and the ability to move forward in your life with grace and ease.  This session is ideal for lightworkers who intuitively know that their current-life issues have their origin in challenging past-life experiences.



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