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90 Minute Soul's Work - True Vocation - Clearing and Healing Session



If you are a soulful person, self aware, motivated, talented and been successful in many undertakings yet you sense even greater possibilities for your path and life, yearn to move beyond where you are now to a life filled with passion and greater meaning, want to touch people and be the brightest Light you can be, willing to die to an old way of being so that something new and much more soul aligned can be born then this session is perfect for you.

Some benefits of this session are:

  • Expansion of your vision for what you are can accomplish – to a Greater than Imagined possibility
  • Clarity of your soul’s calling
  • Removal of barriers in yourself to manifesting your calling
  • Opening of your heart and infusion of more passion into your life work
  • Awakening of your consciousness into higher states for guidance, insight, and hearing the whispers of your soul
  • Greater ability to weave your vision into a larger vision of healing and transformation for the world.
  • Much  More!

This session is especially helpful when you are hesitant, maybe even afraid, to venture into this unknown territory. If you are having trouble moving beyond your comfort zone this session will help to alleviate those fears and move you forward on your path of purpose.

In this session the space space to invoke the greater than imagined possibilities for your life will be opened.


The primary focus of this session is to help you create your soul's work and become a world server. It is especially helpful for lightworkers who are just beginning to get in touch with their unique vocation as well as lightworkers who know they need to expand their vision and serve more people.

The session will help you activate your unique gifts and skills and move into a deeper alignment with your soul's vision and true vocation.  The energy will heal deep, unconscious blocks to success. Limiting childhood, past-life, and ancestral influences will be released so that you can develop the faith and courage needed to take your work to the next level of Light.

 The energy will support you in building conscious relationships with your spirit guides and angels that can help you fulfill your soul's plan. This will help you to connect to them so you can receive ongoing guidance from your spiritual guides and angels on the steps you need to take to manifest your soul's vision and make money at it.

 The energy will help you achieve the clarity of vision and strength of heart needed to follow your soul's vision and create your soul's work in the world.

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