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90 Minute Money Manifestation Clearing and Healing Session


If you are ready to heal and transform your relationship to money, attract more clients/business, generate more income, attract fantastic opportunities, work with inspired people, and more - then this session is for you.

If you are doing work that you love and not making enough money at it or not doing the work you love because you don't have enough money, this session is for you. The session remove blocks to manifesting money such as fear, self doubt, tendency towards expecting the worst, anxiety, worry, despairing and more! During the session any any blockages you may have to being abundant, successful and prosperous will be cleared so that you attract positive abundance and success opportunities to you.

 The session will help you create more abundance and prosperity. Your relationship with money itself and your beliefs about being able to manifest money will be transformed as you heal the unconscious programs you inherited from childhood, past-lives, and your ancestral lineage.  Limiting beliefs, patterns and soul agreements about money, success, abundance, prosperity will be cleared so you can shine in every aspect of your life.

Negative thought forms concerning money will be cleared and released. blocks you may have to accepting monetary abundance will be released.

Anything that negatively effects your relationship to money and no longer serves your Highest and Best Good will be cleared such as:


Past Lives

Family Dynamics

Family Ancestry/Legacy/History


Conversations with other people about money

Thoughts about global economy or economic issues

Media/Social/Environmental Issues

Financial/Spiritual Materials/Books You have read

Beliefs about success, fame, wealth, power

Past Experiences in present lifetime

Personal Experiences

 Issues of self-worth and self-esteem that block the flow of abundance will be cleared so that you accept money as a form of Divine love. Your ability to receive will blossom.

The session will support you in letting go of negative behaviors or thoughts that block the flow of monetary abundance in your life. It will bring in more positivity so you can draw to you more abundance in all areas of your life.

This session will support you in creating the energy needed so that money, finances, business, career, success, abundance, prosperity, lift, help, support, motivate, empower you to do great things in your life and path so that you live happily, joyously and freely. This will support you in living your purposes and sharing these with others.


This session helps you turn your dreams into reality. The energy will support you in achieving your financial goals and bring forward new options that are aligned with the true desires of your heart and the soul's deepest purposes.

As a result of the session you will have a healthy relationship to money that enables you manifest all that you need to live your dream and achieve your purposes. If you are looking for a powerful, never-ending flow of money, business, prosperity, health, love and Divine Inspiration to help you accomplish your all that you desire then this session will certainly support you in just that.


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