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90 Min Wounded Soul Multidimensional Clearing- Allow Light to illumine the deepest areas in your soul, cleansing, purifying your inner soul wounds!


Many of our soul wounds are deeply rooted within the most inner part of our being and some of us have been in this state for so long that we have learned to accept our condition and live with a wounded soul. To be a whole person, the hidden unseen part of us—spirit, soul, heart—must be brought into the light, cleansed, and restored. Heal your soul wounds. Let the Light of Spirit come and illumine the deepest areas in your soul, cleansing and purifying your inner wounds.

There are many types of soul wounds that are in need of healing so that you can evolve spiritually and receive enlightenment. Some examples are:

• Guilt/ Unworthiness

• Abuse Physical & Emotional

• Fear/Rejection/Victim/Injustice

• Manipulator/controller/Seducer

• Anger/Worry/Blame

• Rage/Terror

• Rejection/Abandonment/Betrayal/Humilitat ion

• Conditional Love

• Distrust

• Fear of Change

Although these are some examples there are many others. These wounds cause physical, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, ailments, disorders and problems. Stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain, diseases, fatique, migranes, are among some of the conditions that can result in Soul Wounds in need of healing.

As a result of healing these soul wounds you can experience miraculous Divine states of being such as:

Trust and abundance

Sacred pleasure and Autonomy

Self Love and Peaceful Radiance

Forgiveness and Loving Equanimity

Truth and Dignity

Vision and Wisdom

Much More!

Faith and Divine Connection in the Crown Chakra

Depending on the severity of our Core Wounds, our personality will be more or less opaque. If there is less wounding, or more healing, our personality can allow our soul identity to shine through more.

This session will help the personality become transparent enough to reveal your more vulnerable and yet truly powerful soul identity. This session brings you back to discovering the treasure of returning to the original joy and genius of your Divine Nature so that you glow naturally from your soul identity, your true essence.

The session will take away the judgment you have placed on the events, the “perpetrators” and yourself so that are able to view your circumstances as an observer and thus open yourself up for more understanding. As you come out of victim mode and move into acceptance, healing is accelerated and a huge weight is lifted. You will transcend beyond your human nature into your spiritual nature as a result.

This session is designed for All and is especially helpful to those who are experiencing significant transitions. This can be quite beneficial to Lightworkers or those who have already done more conventional therapy and are ready to dive deep into the reality of the Soul in order to completely change their inner self and manifest a whole new life.

 This session heals your core soul wounds multi-dimensionally, across time. Past-life, ancestral, future-life, between-life, akashic, pre/peri-natal, childhood, and adult manifestations of soul issues will be cleared, healed and transformed. The energy will help you achieve the highest level of spiritual transformation that is possible for you in this lifetime.

 You will emerge having healed your deepest unresolved patterns in all planes and dimensions – you will be truly free from the past. It will enhance your ability to gain higher knowledge of  your soul's history both in-body, off-planet, and between lifetimes, and or know your primary soul themes and soul gifts across time, the spiritual lessons that you have been learning, and the spiritual qualities you have been cultivating. This expanded awareness of your multi-dimensional soul's path across time will allow you to continue your soul learning and evolution in this lifetime at an accelerated rate.

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