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Cosmic Karmic Soul Mate Psychic Reading Package - 4 Channeled Readings - One Low Price


This package is for anyone that wants to know all about their soul mate and the relationship.

Each reading costs 99.99 normally. The readings are lengthy, detailed, and channeled and are delivered by email.

The package includes 4 of the following readings. You may choose any 4 readings from this list.

  • Soul Mate Compatiability Reading
  • Heaven Sent Soul Mate Reading
  • Steamy Soul Mate Reading
  • Soul Mate Psyche Reading
  • Cosmic Soul Mate Reading
  • Are you my Soul Mate Reading
  • Where is My  Soul Mate Reading
  • Karmic Love Reading
  • A Lover's Guide Reading
  • Where is My Twin Flame
  • Are You my Twin Flame
  • Twin Flame Deep Insights Reading

You may substitute a single email reading for another single email reading of equal or lesser value. Live Readings (telephone, instant messenger, text) and or emergency readings may not be choices for substitutions.

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