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50% OFF 90 Minute Releasing the Past Healing and Clearing Session


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RELEASING the PAST Healing and Clearing Session

This distant healing session is 90 Minutes.

The Releasing the Past Healing and Clearing Session has to do with healing your past and moving forward. In this way, you can realize your full potential. You will no longer be trapped in the past and afraid to let go. The energy will support you in finding peace with your past. If you happen to be one of these people who lives in the past, this session was crafted especially for you–to help you move forward into the now.

The Releasing the Past session helpful if you have repetitive thoughts that play over and over in your head and are subject to being triggered into emotional turmoil based on situations and memories from the past. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to live in the present when your mind is constantly traveling backwards. As a result of the session you will experience less fear, doubt, worry, dropping away of old habits, greater clarity of thought, heightened sense of connectedness, and more.  "The World" will begin to change around you as blocks to your progress evaporate.

Inner Mind beliefs and automatic thoughts will be cleared which will allow you to feel different about yourself in familiar situations and generally change your mind about yourself. Fear drops away and is replaced by confidence. Low self-esteem gives way to a more positive self-image. Persistent and hardened ways of thinking and believing are cleared so that you experience changes in your perception to that of a new reference frame of tolerance, optimism, and flexibility.


Whatever we are silently thinking and believing in our Inner Mind magnetizes the Universe to send us more of it. This clearing and healing session supports you in changing and controlling the unaware signals and intentions you send out to The Universe which changes the way reality operates for you to bring you better life outcomes through the process of positive manifestation.

 Getting better outcomes then reinforces your positive beliefs and thoughts, and things just keep getting better and better. The result of releasing hardened negative thinking and believing is the softening of your mind and heart. Thus, you are more likely to respond than simply react.




No one’s life is kept free from emotional pain and trauma. Poor feelings of hopelessness and sadness hang like a dark cloud over our lives preventing the sun from shining through. Healing emotions heals feelings of despair. More illumination begins to takes place when clouds of sorrow are removed.

 This session will release low frequency energy from the past, which creates stagnation for you in the present moment. It will help you to release anything that doesn't allow you to focus on the present moment with ease.

Past traumas and feelings that prevent you from finding happiness will be released so that you are able to look at life in a more positive light. You will be assisted in forgiving yourself and others so that you can experience true freedom. The energy will support you in not slipping back into old habits and memories that you would like to avoid.


  Energy that creates stagnation in your energy field be released and more Light will be brought into your energy field.  You will leave the session feeling lighter and able to focus on the moment of NOW knowing that the rising of the sun will happen soon and a colorful rainbow will appear bringing you brighter days ahead.

This session will lighten your emotional load. It is intended to be used as an integral part of the ongoing process of self-discovery and healing that leads to wholeness. Through this session you will gain a new freedom, the freedom to be true to your Soul nature.

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