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The Family Healing and Clearing Session - 180 Minutes


regular price 149.99

The Family Healing Session is especially helpful to remove blocks that prevent healthy communication and connection within the family.

The family healing sessions are designed to create more harmonious and loving relationships within the family. The energy will support the resolution of longstanding conflicts between family members.

The issues that arise with our family members can be our deepest most painful issues we have ever had. Issues within the family will be released at the root!. Each person is given the spiritual and energetic healing and support to know how to support one another and create the relationships they desire with each other.

All family members, parents and children (pets too) alike, will be included in this session.

Give your family the gift of Spirit so that each member will gain a new foundation of open, honest sharing and greater love.

When you place your order please email the names, dates of birth of all family members. This session can include up to nine family members (including pets). If there are more persons involved in this session there are additional fees. Please email for a quote if there are more than 9 family members.

Each session is 180 minutes. It is best to schedule the distant healing session when most are resting, relaxing and or during sleep hours when possible. It may take more than one session to get the desired results.

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