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Grief Healing, Clearing, and Releasing Session


Regular price 99.99

90 Minute Session


Grief healing is very important to the soul as there is so much trauma is involved when you lose someone you love in your life. When you experience such a loss you also experience shifts energetically from within as well as a release of the cords to our lost loved one.

Grief healing can also be very helpful to someone who has experienced a relationship break up or divorce, or loss of a child in a custody situation, or the loss of a close friend due to an argument or the like. The process and affect on the energy bodies are the same.

This session will work on healing the cords through your fields to assist you with the detachment issues and symptoms that you have been having. The areas in need of healing and repair will be given energetic healing as well as protection.

The lost energy and the negative issues will be replaced with loving light, peace, and you will be surrounded by Angelic Unconditional love to support you in your grieving process. Unwarranted guilt will be released. Guilt energy that is accumulated in the bodies, chakras, aura, energy field, will be released so that it does not hold you in depression, sadness, anger, or any stage of grief longer than you should be.

There is help through this overwhelming process with healing work. This session can assist you with the emotional issues that are flooding you, help you through the grief process, and heal the areas where the cords resided from your deceased loved one when they crossed over to the other side.

The grieving process is one of the most difficult emotional processes one has to face in life. The energy will support and heal your energy systems, fields and bodies, as well as strengthen your connection to the Divine/Spirit so that you do not feel alone, and do not have to go through this alone, and can receive healing and assistance on many levels.

The session will help to heal you on the physical level in healing issues that are actually coming into your energy fields through your mental, emotional, and spiritual connections, so that these are balanced in a loving and holistic way opening the pathway to healing. As the connections to your loved one is healed from these issues, your energy fields heal, and this moves through the rest of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Depending on the issues you are facing more than one session may be needed. Repeat until intended results are achieved. 


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