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Archangel Gabriel Channeled Reading - When you need Insights into Actions That Lead to Beneficial Results


Archangel Gabriel Channeled Reading Delivered by Email

Reg Price 199.99

  Archangel Gabriel: Meaning - "Strength of God";  "TheDivine is my strength";  "God is my strength"

   Whatever your situation a channeled Reading from Archangel Gabriel can help you.  Archangel Gabriel can help you with any situation in your life that needs more insight, clarity or illumination. If you are searching for answers to questions in your life and want greater wisdom to be revealed to you then you can call on him as he will give you insight so that everything suddenly becomes clear. These channeled readings are literally healing balm for the soul.

Below you will find the description of examples of things Archangel Gabriel can shed light on for you. You can ask two specific questions or you can let  Archangel Gabriel choose to guide the reading as to what the Archangel feels is most important to you on your path at this time. These readings are lengthy channeled readings and take about an hour to an hour and a half to channel.

He is a powerful and strong Archangel, and you can call upon him when you need insights into actions that leads to beneficial results. He can provide guidance when you are having trouble with your spiritual gifts such as gift of clairvoyance and spiritual vision.

If you need help in visioning the direction you need go in he can help you on the path. He can help you with prophecies of the changes ahead of you. Archangel Gabriel acts as a coach and can deliver inspiring and motivating guidance to help you in any area of your life where you need inspiration and motivation.

He can give you guidance about how to overcome fear and procrastination. He can reveal your true calling. He can give you guidance when you have strayed from your souls pathway or are confused about what your life plan and purpose is.

He can help you when you find no reason for being or if changes are ahead and you need guidance. If you need help with discerning whether or not you should make a  move, change careers or make a big change or purchase he can help you. Gabriel can help you to reconnect with the creative angel within, express your true spirit, and release creative blocks with ease.

 Gabriel helps to find strength and connect with personal power and can reassure you that it is safe to be powerful.




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