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120 Minute Parent and Healer to the Inner Child Clearing and Healing Session


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This session supports you in fulfilling your emotional needs, parent yourself, get in touch with your own healer, parent, teacher, guide. The energy will help you fulfill your emotional dependency needs that were not met during your childhood and nurture yourself. Emotional dependency needs are the intimacy, nurturing, unconditional love and boundary protection that a person needs in order to feel safe, sane, and secure in the world. As you reawaken your Self-mastery powers to see, feel and heal you can take responsibility to Self-parent yourself. The healing energy will focus on helping you to be emotionally intimate with yourself and others, as well as unconditionally love and accept yourself and others, nurture yourself and others. 


Consciously fulfilling your emotional dependency needs will allow you to function in the world as an emotionally mature, highly functional adult.

This session focuses on helping you to develop and nurture the part of yourself that functions as your own healer. There is a very valuable resource within all because it will help you to love and parent the parts of yourself that have been traumatized, lost and suffered.

The energy of this session will support you in accessing the loving and responsible parent and healer within you so that you can go within and access the inner reservoir of help to any and all aspects of yourself that are in need. It will bring you new feelings of confidence because you will be able to take care of the internal problems that you are experiencing.

It will release you from placing ‘blame’ on parents or caregivers and allow you to heal what has been broken. It will leave you with a feeling of peace and higher understanding that although you did not create the problems that you have inherited from your parents and or family of origin you can heal.

 The energy will wrap you in a healing blanket where you will be able to look back with a higher perspective, greater understanding and empathy for the child within you that suffered abuse or neglect by your parent(s) caregiver(s) and or other family members. The old tendencies to be overly critical of yourself will leave you because you will have new awareness that the child you were had to do the things the way you did because you did not have the resources to do something different.

This will create an opening in the heart chakra/region to the beauty and wonder of your inner child who you once were. You will see the simplicity and innocent approaches that you took in situations that were difficult and seemingly impossible.

 The pain will be released. You will be able to respond to yourself in ways that are loving. You will get in touch with the responsible and resourceful adult to your inner child so that you can be the loving parental figure/role model to him/her. You will no longer have to repress your inner child, shun him/her, ignore or push him/her away because you will be free of these terrible feelings and the pain. You will gain the ability to give this aspect of yourself the attention you need, to rescue this aspect of yourself so that you do not have to experience this pain repeatedly and so that when you experience pain the message does not have to be buried deep inside yourself and separate from the rest of yourself.

You will be able to give yourself the loving acceptance that you need. The damaged and tortured parts of yourself will be healed because you will allow your inner healer to come forward and bring wholeness to the Self.


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