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120 Minute Childhood Conditioning Clearing and Healing Session


The purpose of this session is to bring your awareness back inside of yourself, in order to heal the pain and conditioning that's been there from before you were born, often going back for generations. This will release you and any future children that you have from long standing obsolete and dysfunctional family patterns.

 This session works well with the Parent and Healer to the Inner Child Clearing and Healing Session because as you become present and lovingly parental the Self you become your own Healer. And in so doing, you will model authenticity and self-love for the Self and for others in your life - now and in the future.

 This session will help you to stop reflecting your inner wounded child parts that have not yet been healed. Thus, you will no longer be experiencing the trauma you suffered as a child and perhaps into your adulthood from your parent(s) or caregiver(s) or other family members. This will allow enormous healing to go deep in the unconscious and heal these aspects of the Self. You will heal the lost parts of yourself and bring them back together - healed and whole.

 The session energy will bring you self acceptance because you will be supported in loving yourself, in giving loving acceptance to what you have been reflecting outwardly from that wounded place within yourself.  As you experience self love and acceptance this is healing in and of itself. The energy will release you from reflecting the wounded aspects of the Self. As a result you will be able to reflect the wholeness within and be your authentic Self. This will bring you much freedom. Behaviors of self punishment will be released so that you no longer punish yourself for being ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ and see the greatness within yourself and allow that greatness to project outwardly in all areas of your life. As you receive this gift of loving acceptance you will no longer draw situations and or persons similar to the trauma you suffered in your childhood. Therefore these painful patterns will dissolve into the new self you are integrating through this healing and clearing session.

 Unfounded, unwarranted, guilt and fear will leave you. You will be opened to unlimited possibilities and potentials for loving yourself and living life with great joy. As you experience loving yourself this will spill into all your relationships bringing healing within you and all around you.


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