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50% OFF Addiction Healing Package - Ten 90 Minute Sessions for Freedom


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These ten sessions are designed to help you find self-motivation by uncovering where you want to be is not who you are when using or drinking. The healing sessions included in this package are designed to provide the extra support necessary to make the transition into sober life and decrease the risk of relapse. There is a lot of energy healing work done through the sessions which help you to access your own inner teacher, guide, healer, and inner knowing. In order to have success from addiction sustained change within the self has to come from your own inner reserves. These sessions are designed to help you to access this wiser aspect of yourself so that you gain greater self-understanding and self-motivation to overcome the ingrained instinctual drives to use or drink. The energy healing will support you in your recovery process and help you find strategies and approaches that were perhaps escaping you before.

Each session is 90 minutes.

 Session 1- Blocks to allowing you to uncover who you really want to be in your life will be released. Pathways that are not being fully actualized will be opened to you so that you see solutions that have been perhaps escaping you. Each chakra will be cleansed, cleared and opened so that energetic blocks that conflict with who you are being now, versus who you want to be in your life are removed.

Session 2-  De-patterning will be utilized to clear and heal all that has caused resistance to change. This session will assist you in increasing your awareness of a need and a 'want' to make changes in your current pattern of behavior which will support the goal of changing problematic behavior. Fear and stress associated with making changes and which cause resistance to change will be released.

Session 3- The genetics of your addiction will be cleared. A full cellular clearing will be done. This will boost your recovery process. The clearing will release all the issues stored in your bodies and chakras that manifest in your life in way of overwhelmed emotions, grounding problems, stagnant, dense, energy build up, closed chakras, energy flow issues, and imprints.


Session 4-  Fear of change consequences will be cleared so that you are no longer afraid of how your life will change when not using or drinking. Unconscious fears will be released so that you are no longer imprisioned in your own self built prison. During these session painful memories and or emotions that come up due to fear of change will be cleared. It will support you in feeling, expressing, receiving and taking action in your life so that you can move forward to receive and share life. It will support you in committing to your vision of who and where you wish to be and help you overcome primal fears and step out of rigid comfort zones. This will help you to stop playing the blame game, suing the past or some other reason not to change. It will support you in accepting responsibility for your own well being.



Session 5- Guilt  and shame release will be done to clear and heal unwarranted guilt that leads to drinking and or using behavior so that you no longer look to something outside of yourself to give you a sense of well being. It will release you from seeing yourself as weak and needy, and ashamed of your weakness, so that feelings of neediness is no longer intensified. The cycle of increasing addictive behavior resulting in guilt and shame which in turn motivates an increase in dependence on the addiction for comfort will be stopped energetically. The session will help to improve your self image so that you are not as vulnerable to addictions and the guilt and shame that result.

Session 6- Therapeutic energy work will be done on external pressures influencing addiction such as stress, environment, family responsibilities/obligations, financial conditions, etc. The healing session will help you to be intuitively aware of external pressures to succumb to addictions and recognize that those pressures work as enticements.Cords and contracts will be cleared that keep you energetically tied to people that are no longer serving your growth in who you want to be. You will experience higher knowledge and awareness from within to help you identify triggers to using.

Session 7- Therapeutic energy work will be done on your mental body to help support you in focusing on recovery and maintaining sobriety. The energy work will support you in being able to sense the meaning of things by going inside yourself and noticing what comes from this inside space so that you access your innate wisdom for solutions and answers that support recovery. Stuck feelings, painful issues, will be released during session. Healing will be given to those parts inside you which have suffered so deeply from the fall into the powerlessness of a self destructive, baffling and cunning addiction or addiction process. This will allow you to give spacious loving attention to your inner experience so that you shift into the next natural step of healing, moving forward into a more integrated state of being.

Session 8- Healing will be given to support you in creating a new life, new environments, and social situations to support you. The energy will support you in attracting new friends, persons, places, things, environments that are healthy for you and support you in your recovery process and sober living. It will help you to deal with feelings of loneliness as you work to form new friendships and social situations. The energy will help you to attract good resources, persons for support.

Session 9- This session helps you to uncover as well as fulfill Your life purpose(s). The energy will help you to gain clarity about what steps you should take as you are no longer drinking or using so that continued wisdom is revealed more and more as you recover. This session will help you re-discover your drive and passion and create energy in your life so you can discover and live your real purpose(s) and creative life. This passion and drive and creative energy will help you to sustain long term recovery.


Session 10- This session will help assist you in the re-building of self trust, self love, self esteem, self confidence, etc. so that you can access your inner reservoir of personal power to sustain all the powerful changes you are making. This session will support you in re-discovering your personal power and finding balance in your life. It will assist you in the process of learning to show yourself more love and compassion and support you in forgiving yourself for perceived mistakes, failures. It will help you to extract the lessons of the past but not to focus on the past in self punishing ways so that you do not shut the door on the past but benefit from what it has to teach you to support your path of recovery.




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