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MORE THAN 50% OFF Relationship Restoration Energetic Healing Package - 10 Powerful 180 Minute Healing Sessions for Two


reg price 799.99

This Relationship Energetic healing package contains 10 one hundred and eighty minute healing sessions for a specific issue(s) between two people that are keeping the relationship from working and functioning as it should. Prior to the session please give information about the status of the relationship and issues (known) that are affecting the relationship at this time.

This session is good when things have happened in a relationship and the love connection has perhaps faded and overshadowed by daily negativity and unhappiness to the point where you cannot see it shining out any more under all that rubbish that has been piled upon it, and one or the other truly believes that “the love is dead”

 The goal of the sessions is to restore the relationship to perfect balance and harmony so that both parties are moving together rather than in opposite directions so that the relationship works! If one or both of you are pulling away or you feel that you are drifting apart these energy sessions will help to bring you back together again.

Energy healing will be given to each persons energy fields and to the connection points between the two person’s energy fields to heal negative connection points and root causes of the relationship problems and issues causing distance, negativity, disharmony and heart break.

The vibrations of each individual will be raised as well as the vibrations of the relationship. Negative energy will be transmuted so that each person in the relationship  is connected to their true spiritual nature. Fear will be transformed into courage, anxiety into peace and hatred into love. Harmony and balanced will be re-established.

 In session the causes of the problems will receive intensive healing so that the relationship can get on the right track. These sessions are especially good when there are many issues causing havoc on both parties energy fields and the relationship.

 Both persons energy will be balanced and the connection points and links will be balanced so that the shared energy is harmonious and restored to perfect balance.

Each party will be connected to a time when this love was still clear and clearly visible and could be touched just by looking at at one another. Establishing this baseline or base connection of love, that it is absolutely still there and absolutely still as bright and beautiful as it was the first time they looked upon one another and made that connection, is the most healing intervention for any problematic relationship.

The session will help both parties have more patience under all circumstances, have more faith & trust during this time of re-balancing, adopting new and positive behaviors and dropping off old and unhelpful ones. This will help both parties support one another in many different ways and as well as be willing to accept setbacks and plateaus without losing heart or focus. As well it will inspire both relationship partners to have the desire for change and to keep the relationship alive.

 Each 180 minute session will be spilt into one hour devoted to each individual and one hour devoted to the relationship. There are 10 - 180 Minute Sessions in this package.


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