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Channeled 12 Month Spiritual Forecast Reading - See what Spirit has in store for you ahead!


This highly spiritual reading can be an invaluable tool as you travel the broad Spiritual Highway in the upcoming twelve months by helping you to see what is next on the path of Purpose. As youare able to "see into" the months ahead, you are able to prepare your soul for the journey ahead. Let the Spirit Guides literally guide you through the upcoming months so that you will know what you need to focus on spiritually ahead. Perhaps there will be some challenges. What better way to overcome challenging situations but to know ahead of time and prepare the soul. Perhaps there are spiritual opportunities ahead, areas of service, new spiritual gifts or abilities. The reading may reveal information about finances, career or manifesting what you need to support you on the path of Purpose so that you can reach your highest potential as a soul. The reading is channeled. The guidance provided is given month by month for the upcoming twelve months. See what Spirit has in store for you!

 The reading is delivered by email.

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