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50% OFF Channeled 12 Month Career Forecast Reading - See what Spirit has in store for you ahead!


12 Month Career and Finance Forecast - Professional and financial well-being and security are very important areas in life as well as significant sources of energy. Maybe you need a Higher perspective or outlook in these important areas of your life, a Higher vision or vantage point to help to guide you on your journey in the upcoming months. Maybe there are key decisions that you are facing about your career and you need some spiritual guidance and direction. A career and finance reading can help you to place yourself in a better position to obtain the fulfillment, success and abundance you desire so that you will no longer make choices that are unhealthy in your career and financial realms. Move out of the busyness and struggle into graceful productivity by getting a career and finance forecast reading. The reading is channeled and gives guidance on a month to month basis for the upcoming 12 months!

 The reading is delivered by email.

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