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MORE THAN 50% OFF Intimate Lover Soul Mate Reading - How does your Soul Mate Receive You Intimately? Learn about your Soul Mate's Sexuality, Intimacy


reg price 199.99

An Intimate Lover and Soul Mate Reading takes an honest look at your Soul Mate or Lover's sexuality, revealing how your Soul Mate or Lover receives (or is likely to receive - if you have not yet united) you intimately, what they need from you as a sexual partner and find most exciting and important about making love.

Each reading gives the following insights into:

 What making love means to your soul mate or lover.

The way your lover or soul mate reacts to you intimately.

Thoughts and self expression when making love.

What your soul mate or lover values and needs most in a partner.

Understanding the driving force of your soul mate or lover's sexuality.

Your soul mate or lover's capacity and desire for lovemaking.

Areas of shyness or possible inhibitions.

This is a channeled reading delivered by email.



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