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Ultimate Karmic Clearing Healing Session - Imprints, Suppressed Emotions, Karmic Cords. Attract happiness, inner peace, love and more


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This session is 120 minutes.

During the Ultimate Karmic Clearing the highest priority karmic imprints, contracts and loops, blocks, will be cleared permanently.

The Ultimate Karmic Clearing and Healing Session will uplift you on all levels of your being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is designed to clear the blocks that are keeping you from accessing the best of your potential in life or from achieving total well-being.

It is important to know that the Aura reflects our state of mind and our emotional balance even before we actually become sick physically or emotionally. The Ultimate Karmic Clearing will cleanse and clear the aura so that it is clear and that good, positive, energy is flowing around the body. 

During the session karmic contracts that are causing disruption in your life and path will be removed. It is important to note that Karmic Contracts are unconscious decisions, attitudes, thoughts, agreements, beliefs, that you have held that you have lived by and made with other persons. Because they are polarized they emit discordant magnetic fields which cause problems in your life. An example would be 'I do not deserve love. I am not worthy of love."

Blocked energy is released in session. Blocked energy can be created when we worry, and are anxious, and the like. The energy created by these low vibration thoughts will be dense and heavy. When you are in fear for ourself and or our future this heavy negative energy stays in our aura and creates dense masses which block the energy streams through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Imprints will be removed which are caused by traumatic or negative events and experiences so that they no longer have an impact on our field of energy. An imprint can be created by traumas, emotional experiences, shocks, abuse, and the like. Even the smallest upset can leave a lasting imprint whic blocks and affects our flow of energy. The greater the traumatic experience the longer it will take for the imprint to clear naturally.

Suppressed emotions will be released so that you are no longer holding onto your feelings, suppressing your emotions regarding situations that have occured in the past. In this way these suppressed emotions can no longer be harmful to you affecting you on all levels and preventing you from feeling and expressing your emotions.

Karmic cords that do not serve the highest and best good will be cut and severed. It is important to note that Karmic Cords are created as you connect with others and these patterns become crystallized and hardened like a rope. Clearing these will clear the energy between you and others so that whatever is going on in the relationship is grounded in the present rather than in the past.

During the session all polarized contracts are released, all contract-generated thought forms are transmuted, all related neural nets are unplugged. Any given hang-up or issue has layered neural nets, and any given karmic session absolves a significant number of layers.

As well, the energy streams that come through are of the vibration of love and compassion and will work for your highest and best good. Know that your Higher Self, Soul, Consciousness, will only accept the form and level of energy that you need to be free.

During the clearing pain of past experiences, in this lifetime and past incarnations will be released.

A Karmic Clearing can provide you many benefits. Here are some of them but there are many more.

Unfolding of the True Self, Integration and gathering of split aspects of self and soul essence.

Accessing and actualising higher patterns of consciousness, awareness, and acceptance

Clearing away faulty belief systems, mass-consciousness programs, duality, karma and perceived karmic patterns from past lives, birth or other imprints

Release of limitations through releasing vows, contracts, commitments, etc.

Release of negative behavioral patterns or the inability to create and sustain forward motion in life

Release of entity attachments, past life agreements and vows connected with sources of negative energy. Release of earthbound trauma.

Clearing of DNA and blocks to soul growth, and ascension

Feeling happiness and inner peace

Reprogramming of subconscious belief structures

Accelerated spiritual growth and development.

Greater capacity to express and attract love in your life

Profound feeling of inner peace

Some examples of what will be cleared during the session are:

+ Shame, guilt, unworthiness & undeservedness (lowest vibrating imprints)


+ Victimization, pain & abundance issues


+ Poverty consciousness, lack & limitation


+ Inherited imprints from parents & ancestors passed on through the DNA at conception & fetal integration


+ Karmic ties & cords with other people (parasites, energy vampires) that lower your frequency


+ Self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, low self-value


+ All types of fears


+ Procrastination


+ Archetypes & shadow self personas


- perfectionist


- professional victim


- martyr


- rescuer


- compulsive destroyer & sorcerer (self-sabotage)


- compassionate people persona (guilt & victim magnet)


- Negative projections from other people


- Trust issues, blockages to unconditional love


- Imprints related to speaking your truth

-And More!


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