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50% OFF Crown Chakra Cap Removal Session - Hold More Spiritual Light, Increase Your Vibration, Ground and Balance Energies


regular price 39.99

The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, as its name suggests, is the center of trust, faith, devotion, inspiration, and spontaneity. This chakra is the bridge from the material to the spiritual realms, and is sometimes recognized in our culture as the golden halo depicted in religious art.

This session removes the energetic cap that is above the crown chakra. The removal of the Crown Chakra Cap allows you to hold more energetic spiritual light within the body. This will allow you to increase your vibration. As well, it strengthens the light flow to the crown chakra by removing blockages or cap at crown chakra. This will re-establish magnetic lines of energy flow to help ground and balance energies. This session normally takes about an hour.

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