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50% OFF 90 Minute Realize Your Full Potential Healing and Clearing Session


90 Minute Session

Reg price 79.99

The Realize Your Full Potential Healing and Clearing session will help you to awaken to your total power potential which will enable you to do many things - such as achieve Financial Freedom. In session the blocks that prevent you from living the life you want will be removed.

If you are struggling in your work, career or financial life and want to be a success at everything you do then this session is designed just for you. The energy will allow you to take total control of your life.

Blocks to your self confidence will be removed so that you have the confidence, high self esteem, empowerment, you need to be successful and realize your full potential. Self doubt and negativity in all forms will be released so that you are more effective in your work/career/vocation/financial realms. This session is especially helpful in assisting you in learning to like, accept and trust yourself more so that you can improve self expression and creativity.

This session is good when you are experiencing a lot of confusion on your career and financial realms of life. It will clear the confusion and bring you to clarity in situations that have been baffling you. The energy will support you in being more decisive and sure of your decisions.

If you have been experiencing pressure and stress this session will help to release these so you perform at your best even when the pressure is on.

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