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Openness, Trust, Intimacy, Freedom, Pleasure, Satisfaction Relationship Healing Package - 7 Powerful Sessions to Transform your Relationship + BONUS


7 Powerful Healing Sessions to Transform Your Love Relationship - 120 Minute Sessions

BONUS: With your purchase you will receive two single healing sessions free. When you make your purchase you will be asked which two single healing sessions you would like to receive with your purchase.

More than 50% OFF the Regular Price of $499.99

Bridging the gap from Lack to Openness Healing Session :

This session helps you to release lack consciousness within a relationship. Where you see areas of lack now after the session you will begin to see the abundance within the relationship - the abundance of love, compassion, harmony, goodness, friendship, etc. The session will surround you and fill you with loving energy so that you become more loving and receive more of what you are transmitting to your partner. This session enables you to see the truth in the relationship - that you are surrounded by love. It will help you to recognize the opportunities for loving interactions with your partner as well.

Openness and Trust Healing Session :

This session is geared to raise your state of consciousness in such a way that you are able to be more open and trusting in the relationship and less closed and or suspicious. It will remove any blocks to openness and trust and help you to let go of fear and limitations so that you are able to experience more happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.

Sexual Openness and Trust Healing Session :

This session is designed to help you to release fear and other blocks and or limitations in your sexual relationship so that this important area of your life expands and becomes even more gratifying to you. This will allow freedom and creativity to come forward and neediness, compulsiveness and or limitation to stop blocking this aspect of your life. This will allow the physical aspect of your relationship to be a greater expression of the inner self, the heart, the soul. Any self centeredness will be released so that you are not just seeking self gratification or stress and or tension relief. This will move you from the realm of the mind to the realm of the heart so that you experience more sexual pleasure and bonding with your partner. In this way, you will be coming from a place of the heart - a place of loving and giving and sharing and find that your needs are met automatically in so doing.

Sexual Freedom Healing Session :

This session is designed to open you sexually so that you can freely express this aspect of your beingness without limitations, blocks or hinderances of any kind. If sex runs your life and relationships and you are very compulsive and or selfish in this area, this session will help bring you into balance and back to giving and loving sexual interactions with your partner. If you are having trouble performing, desiring, expressing, or getting in touch with your sexual self this session will help to re-open this aspect of yourself so that you can express your sexual desires and passions without fear, guilt, shame, and in love and compassion so that you really connect with your partner on all levels. This will help you to stop missing opportunities for pleasure between you and your partner. You will feel a lot more love for your partner, really caring about what is best for them, for their happiness, and seek to be more pleasing. You will also be assisted in being emotionally open and honest.

Highest Intimacy Healing Session :

This session will help you to be guided and motivated by lovingness rather than by just desire for gratification. It can also help you overcome the habit of self gratification as a way of satisfying personal needs versus developing higher intimacy with your partner. This will help you to experience positive changes in the relationship as it will motivate you towards sharing pleasure and happiness with your partner and developing higher all encompassing intimacy at the same time. The session will attune you to your partner's sexuality and help you to more automatically or intuitively fulfill your partner's needs, wants and desires. 

Emotional Pleasure Healing Session :

This session will remove any blocks to emotional and or experimental limitation as well as sensory restriction in your sexual relationship so that you experience and create more emotional and intimate pleasure in your relationship. If there are restrictions to your sexual experiences, emotional pleasure, or freedom of expression these will be released. This will heighten and transform your sexual and emotional relationship with your partner for the better. Anything that guides you to limit these important aspects of the relationship will be removed so that you no longer fear loss of control or any other fear. This will greatly enhance your relationship to your partner.

Satisfaction Healing Sessio n:

This session will help you to release negative thoughts, feelings, scenarios, about satisfaction in your relationship so that you can begin to create the best possible most loving outcome in the relationship. It will motivate you to do things to ensure that the relationship is mutually happy, fulfilled, beneficial. All negative feelings will be released so that you can see yourself, your partner and the relationship as happy, fulfilling, satisfying. he way to facilitate satisfaction in relationships is to picture lovingly the best possible outcome.If you are a passive person this will catapult you into the realm of activeness in a positive way. If you struggle with control or fear of control this session will help to release these fears so that they do not cause upset in the relationship. Obstacles to experiencing happiness and satisfaction in the relationship will be released so that you experience all that you desire and more in the relationship.






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