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50% OFF Ascended Master Guide Team Channeled Psychic Reading


reg price 399.99

Meet the Ascended Masters that work with you and receive messages from the Highest Realms.

I love to channel the Ascended Master Readings because it is an open style reading where there are no rules!

In these channeled sessions the Ascended Masters, the Masters come through to talk to you about whatever they deem as important and useful for you to you at the current stage of your Path of Purpose. The Ascended Master's guidance assists you with your spiritual growth and evolution. Their messages come through very warmly. These messages are quite warm - loving, validating and supportive. The messages that you receive during this powerful channeled reading can provide healing for you.

The messages may empower and or inspire you on your journey. If you choose, I can channel your Ascended Master Team or particular Masters that you are close to. However, most often specific Ascended Masters will want to come through specifically for you.

It takes about two to three hours to channel this reading. You will find that the reading includes lots of loving and supportive Guidance. The reading is quite is lengthy and is many pages.





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