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50% OFF 90 Minute Ancestral Wounding Clearing and Healing Session



Ancestral Wounding and Healing 90 Minute Healing Session - regular price 99.99

Have you had negative thoughts that have persisted all your life? Have you come to realize that these thoughts are not yours? This Ancestral Wounding and Healing Session will help you to release the density of false beliefs and patterns, all the way down through your ancestral lineage.

Everything that has been passed down to us from our ancestors represents the best of what they knew and were able to give. It is inevitable that our ancestors would have gone through times of deprivation, oppression, fear, scarcity and almost everything that you can imagine or that a short gallop through human history reveals.

There is no need to immerse yourself in blame, shame or guilt for anything that has gone before and there is no need for you to relive any of it vicariously in any kind of detail.

The family karma affects can be found not only as imprints in one’s personality traits, belief systems, lifestyle but also within the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body; within one’s DNA.

 These wounds can have a devastating impact on one’s life. Within our DNA or luminous matrix we carry stories, illnesses, pain and tragedies, as well as the unresolved grief of our ancestor’s. More often than not they lay unconscious to us, but this energy of old family wounding informs how we think, behave or act in our daily lives.

This is why we see or observe particular patterns of self sabotage, abuse, neglect, isolation, depression, pain, illness, addiction, relationship problems, inability to prosper, or chronic health conditions and many others passed down through the generations. These traits or discords are seen as energetic imprints in our luminous energy field (LEF) or aura, which need to be cleared and healed. Once healed of the imprints it ceases to impact our behavior or health condition and that of our, past, present and future family generation.

Just as we inherit the color of our eyes and hair, straight teeth or crooked ones, our dimples and the shape of our bodies, we also inherit through our DNA our beliefs, attitudes and emotions, all which can lead to disease and illness in us today.

 Because ancestral karma is programmed into our DNA it causes us to unconsciously recreate situations repetitively which happened in our family line. This deep level of healing frees us but also creates relaxation and flow both backwards and forwards across the generations.

During the Ancestral Wounding and Healing session  issues a person carries in his / her energetic bodies and physical DNA from his / her ancestors – sometimes many generations back will be cleared. These can be limiting beliefs, habits, repetitive scenarios, ways of thinking and acting which do not serve the person’s highest good in this present birth or traumatic experiences with unfavourable consequences to one’s life.  These aspects often are carried forward to future generations and can manifest similar experiences, limitations to progress and even ill health. Clearing these aspects from one’s etheric DNA does not only bring benefit to the person receiving the session but it also affects positively the whole family line – our ancestors and especially our children and the future generations.

 As you know, we have an individual soul, but we also have a family soul which yearns for wholeness; for a clear flow of love through our family system. In the same way that we often find a partner in life who can show us the issue we most need to heal, so our life often mirrors the issue in our family which most needs healing too. Thus if we have an ancestor who was excluded through a scandalous action or an early death, we may live a reclusive life, living abroad or alienated from our family, feeling we 'don't belong' as we unconsciously act out their fate. In systemic terms this is known as 'entanglement' and the more entanglements which are present in your family, the more you will see confusion, repetitive disease and self-destructive behaviour, as we unconsiously seek healing and completion.

Where traumas, problems or strong types of behavior have occurred with one or other of your forebears, the energy from this experience gets passed on to future generations. This is so even if the experience happens after the direct offspring have been born. Conversely if you heal one of the ancestral patterns it becomes immediately available to your own offspring. The reasons why this should happen is based on 'resonance'. We carry at a genetic level the resonant patterns of our forebears which, like a radio set tuned to our ancestors, allows a transfer of energy or information to take place.

Unfortunately many of us have forgotten our ancestral connections as we go about our busy lives. Some of us see little relevance in what our distant family may have done in the past.

We do not realize that whatever has been done, felt or thought is within our DNA. We have inherited all the energetic patterning, karmic imprints, including our ancestors' thoughts, feelings, illnesses and reactions to both tragedies and celebrations. Although we normally don't remember these things, as we become conscious, we become more aware of the importance of making peace with our ancestor's karmic imprints.

You have two ancestral trees, one on your fathers' side and one on your mothers' side. The number of souls involved with ancestral karma clearings is huge. It is much greater than the number of souls involved when you have your own personal karma cleansed. The more life times you have lived the more ancestors you have from all of those lifetimes who offered good and bad service. This is much more than just you alone over your many lifetimes.

 The benefits you receive are beyond words. Illnesses and other problems in your current life may improve significantly. The benefits for your future lifetimes are also huge. You can avoid illness, broken relationships and business failures in future lifetimes. Your life will be prolonged in future lifetimes. With this clearing one is better able to get connected to their True Self and begin to connect with their purpose in this reincarnation and stop living the karma of their parents/ancestors!

 This session will help to Reconnect, Heal and Realign your Ancestral Line, so thatAncestral Karma is removed from your present reality, Heal and release your progenitors, and prevent its reemergence in the lives of your children and descendants!


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