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90 Minute Fearlessness and Empowerment Healing and Clearing Session



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Your personal power is your ability to be in command of yourself and as result, of your life. Personal power is about how well you can physically express your Divine Power – grounding that power and enjoying tangible results. Personal power is about moving beyond talking and meditating on spiritual concepts to integrating them into your everyday life and living them. Your personal power is always there behind your conditioning, beliefs, thoughts and mindsets. The underlying biggest block to being in your personal power is fear and its many manifestations. This session is designed to remove the fear(s) that hold you back from claiming your own personal power and being the highest and best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

We continue to seek our power! We crave it because it is our birthright!

We are powerful expressions of the Divine. This session is designed to take the fear out of claiming our personal power so that we can become unstoppable as we move through the flow of life, learning and transformating ourselves for the better. This powerful session will support you in accessing the power that allows you to not only touch your dreams but experience them in your reality. Afterall, this is the power that generates sustainable success. Thus, you can embrace your personal power in absence of fear and release negative mindsets, hangups and habits that keep you from expressing your authentic unlimited and powerful - best self.



 Fear blocks many of us from achieving goals, desires and life long dreams. The emotion of fear is a very low vibrating and dense frequency that energizes your thoughts. Often you manifest what you fear because when you are experiencing fear your thoughts will become aligned with your fear based emotions and experience negative self sabotaging thoughts. I am sure  you are familiar with inner dialogues such as: “What if I fail?”, “What if something goes wrong?”, “What if I’m not good enough?”, “I’m not going to have enough money”, “What if I always stay single?”, “What if he/she rejects me?”, or “What if they criticize me?”




This session will help you to become well as embody your unlimited  personal power so that you can live life with absolute certainty and project this on to everything you do. As you are assisted in embodying your Higher Self and the state of fearlessness you can then achieve anything you desire in absence of fear and in full personal power. The possibilities are endless to create the life you truly desire. 

In this session all past unintentionally created identities of fear and the analogical moments where you created these identities will be cleared permanently. These sessions will clear things such as:




+Fear of not being good enough

+Fear of not being loved

+Fear of rejection

+Fear of making a mistake or being wrong

+Fear of failure

+Fear of success

+Fear of loosing money or not having enough

+Fear of the unknown

+Fear of being judge or criticized

+Fear of losing love and abandonment

+Fear of being alone

+Any other fear that you might identify with

+Activate your personal power

+Clear false emergency states where you go unconsciously go into fight & flight

+Clear the source of anxiety



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