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90 Minute Soul Mate Attraction Clearing and Healing Session - Welcome Love Into Your Life!



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Creating an alteration in Love so that you can attract your soul mate is possible! If it is your time to radiate and shine in love ……keep reading! Holding onto unresolved emotions and baggage from a past relationship(s) block you from moving forward in the present and future.  If you are searching for your soul mate but have unfinished business from the past this can block you from connecting to your soul mate. There is a solution......


Painful breakups are devastating. Life feels so unbearable, dark and uncertain during those times. Avoidance and denial of your emotions damages your heath, state of emotional well being, and causes inner turmoil. Thse conditions can run havoc on your future chances of love and happiness.

Unhealed emotions from past relationship breakups cause wounds and as the wounds continue to build up they get in the way of creating a relationship with the potential for joy and happiness because you carry into new relationships all the emotions and fears into the new relationship. These can cause you to sabotage a relationship that is truly a loving connection.


In session the sabotaging tendencies will be cleared and feelings of powerless will be flushed away. As the old is healed and cleared the new can now come in! Emotional baggage will be cleared and the damage to the heart will be healed. With these cleared then you will no longer attract persons of like energy that are broken and burdened with heavy emotional baggage. Healing is given to the aspect of the self that is holding all the memories of past failed relationships in an effort to protect you. Protective mechanisms will be cleared so that you are not constantly projecting the past onto others and looking for ways to avoid pain. The energy will reconnect you with the truth of who you are -your true, authentic, Divine Self, Higher Self.


This will help you re-claim your worthiness for love. You will be given the power to maintain your sense of self once more so that you are no longer losing yourself to others and giving your power away. Sinking hopelessness will leave you and your joy will be restored.


 Unhealthy cords from past relationships will be cut and severed. Healing will be given to release blame, shame and guilt so that you can feel confident and whole again. Old, outdated contracts and agreements will be released so that you are not bound to any person from your past and are no longer ties to your past loves, past pains and unconscious tendencies towards sabotaging your own happiness.


Old patterns that are destructive to your well being will be cleared. Core wounds will be healed. Energy healing will be given to help you let go of the past and all the baggage while extracting the lessons learned from these experiences.


Issues of codependence will be given healing so that you no longer take the role as a rescuer or enabler. These unhealthy patterns will no longer run you and your relationships. This will enable you to re-claim your power, let go of victim hood mindsets, and be unlocked from the bondage of another person, negative patterns, and paradigms.


 Stagnant energies in the body and field will be transmuted. Unhealthy attachments are released permanently. There will no longer be energetic entanglements with others. There will be no more connection points between you and past lovers causing problems in your ability to experience love now.


An etheric magnetic energy orb will be placed around you so that you attract your soul mate, one that really ignites you, excites you. This orb will be a safe place for love to enter. This is a safe place for you to reinvent yourself and attract new and positive people, experiences, places, things, opportunities…and you will be free and feel liberated in the process.


The lower self attachments will be cleared so that you are welcoming your Higher Self moving you into a stronger state of being in mind, heart, spirit. With this clearing and healing session you are now ready to create a long lasting love with mutual caring, support and devotion. You will shift from all this emotional heaviness to a lighter state of Illumination. You will be re-connected with your Higher Self so that you can access its intuition and wisdom. This helps you bypass unnecessary pain, suffering, lessons, in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. As you move from the dark and uncertain, the heavy baggage of the past, you are now able to shine forward as a true beacon of love. The energy will support you in loving yourself as well.


During this session you will also experience many more results such as:


Reclaiming Your Self

Become Empowering

Reconnection to your Higher Self

Welcoming in Love instead of repelling intimacy

Transmutation of unnecessary baggage from past relationships so that you are clean, clear and available to your new love/soul mate.

Freedom from negative, outdated, binding Contracts, Vows, Oaths, Agreements

Freedom from Karmic Oppositions that keep you Locked into unhealthy love relationships and cycles.

Release of emotions that bind you to the Past

Release of Sexual Signatures that your Past Relationship partners have left behind

Severing of the Sexual Ties that keep you Attached to your Past Relationship partners

Release of patterns held in the energy field causing you to repeat unhealthy choices in relationships.

Release of negative, stale, discordant and stagnant energies

Permanent Removal of Anyone Invading Your Space

Much More

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