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AA Raphael Complete Healing Session - Physical/Emotional Healing, Cellular Programming, Hormonal Balancing, Removal Emotional Imprints, Psychic Gifts


90 Minute Session - Regular price 99.99

There is much that happens during this session with Archangel Raphael... including the beginning stages of genetic merging, reclaiming of many of your spiritual gifts, expanding your Blueprint, opening of your DNA, balancing of the electrical body including the charka's, heart, nervous system, auric field and meridians, cellular programming, deprogramming and reprogramming as well as the boosting of the auto-immune and immune system. Each person receives what they are ready to receive during each and every session.

There is a complete healing done on the digestive system together with raising the frequency of the entire digestive system to allow for improved absorption and digestion.

There is hormonal balancing to improve libido and overall improved health and vitality. The frequency of each organ is then raised as well as the frequency of your blood to support the organs. Archangel Raphael will work on the total body systems as a complete orchestration. Each piece and part is balanced with every other piece and part harmoniously. This can take more than one session if you are in an extreme physical condition.

The next portion of the session is the emotional healing. Archangel Raphael does a series of electro-magnetic screens that are taken through the body to lift emotional damage that is in the cells of your body from not only this but other lifetimes. These screens were designed to correspond to specific groups and types of emotional damage. The lifting and removal of the emotional imprints are accomplished with your intentionality and conscious cooperation. The cause of most disease is emotionally based. Archangel Raphael will clear and remove any stuck energy. Not all damage is removed in one session.

After the screens are complete there is a clearing and cleansing of the bodies with fluid frequency. A series of processes are performed to balance and tune the body together with work that is done on opening the unused and un-accessed portions of the brain.

Then Archangel Raphael does some rewiring of different parts of the brain…temporal lobes, frontal lobes, pineal gland, eyes, ears, parietal lobes and the hypothalamus to open clairaudience, clairsentience, psychic abilities and vision on a higher frequency. This is done during every session and increased gradually so that you don’t experience discomfort or shocking openings. No, you will not become instantly psychic, however, you will begin to notice that things are more clear and clean with greater discernment after the first session.


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