The Last Enchantment of merlin by Ramon Martinez Lopez


Magic and merlin are associated like miracles and saints or magicians and spells.

You can learn more about the myth of merlin in Wikipedia.

Here in this workshop you will to discover that you are your own magician of your life.

TheLast Enchantment of merlin

Is the final end and first beginning of the sounds and the light. This means that every creation has its own sound after manifesting into the light. The last enchantment connects you to the primordial sound of creation.

Antares is the star of merlin

He is here to manifest your miracles through discernment of light and dark. Your thoughts of divine, your feelings of love, your passion of your true self to be manifest here on earth joyfully.

It is very grounding energy. It heals your birth-child traumas of disconnection from earth and material-spiritual unity world. It will build and heal early years of childhood.

Here you receive the ancient wisdom of the mother earth and heal your past traumas of your childhood. It alleviates your karma from the living world. Here you close a circle to new beginnings of life.

the staff of merlin and gives you protection in your aura

This also increases your psychic abilities and rejuvenation.

You can clear, cleans energies in environments also.


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