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Adad Lightning Fork Essence - Embody Elemental Forces, Increase Manifestation Power, Increase Wealth, Luck, Well Being, Compassion, More


LightningFork is a symbol of Mesopotamian's Strom God; ADAD. He has many name like the Canaanite Hadad, the Hurrian Teshub, the Egyptian Resheph, Rimmon, the Phoenician Baal/Bel and the Sumerian Ishkur. He is the Lord of the NaturalWorld of Elements, Prince/ Master of the Earth and the Earth Shaker, Lord ofthe Clouds and Rains, gentle or destructive, such as the spring showers, thedevastating winter storms and the floods, Lord of Prevision.


Fundamentally,Adad symbolizes the dynamic Cosmic Powers that are responsible for the Earth´sfecundity and growth. His name is probably etymologically connected with Arabichadda "to break" and haddat, "thunder". In Sumer, He isknown as Ishkur, and is already mentioned in the Fara god-list. His cult-centerwas Karkara, and his temple the E-karkara, described in the Sumerian TempleHymns. He is the son of either Anu or Enlil, and also twin brother of Enki.

In terms ofHis sacred functions, Adad became is for the powers that most influence theEarth´s fecundity and growth, but we should stress that He is not a vegetationgod, but the representation of cosmic elemental powers projected on earth, avision of force and dynamism that is clearly shown by His epithets of Master ofthe Earth, the Prince, who controls and is Himself the source of the dynamicforces present especially in the weather that rule the growth of Earth´svegetation and allow for the sprouting of crops in especial. As the Lord ofPrevision, as lightning brings a sudden ray of illumination and dewfruitfulness to Earth, He brings the gift of perception of the future. His isfundamentally a dynamic force, and in iconography Adad is often depictedstriding forward, wearing either a cylindrical crown or a horned helmet adornedwith golden stars and short wrap kilt, carrying a mace and spear orlightning-bolt staff. He holds and hurls thunderbolts and rides a bull.

This EnergyEssence of Adad will help you to:


Rise ability to embody the Elemental Forces. Increase your manifestation power. Achieve a freedom, justice, leisure and instruction to discovering your own abilities and natures .Increase your Wealth, Luck and Well Being. Nurture the fruit of Life in all conditions. Stimulate Compassionate.

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