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Attunement and empowerment to Primordial Goddess Beletili by Ramon Martinez Lopez - physical/emotional healing, hormone balance, sexual issues/blocks

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Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

With this purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

The Sumerian goddess of the womb. The gods asked her to create mankind for them.She created men, so they could till the soils and dig canals, and she createdwomen so that they could continue to bear men.


In Mesopotamian iconography, the mothergoddess is represented by the Ωsign, which is thought to represent a uterus . Sometimes the Ω (omega) sign is accompanied by a knife,which is interpreted as the tool that is used to cut the umbilical cord afterbirth. Specific anthropomorphic representations of the mother goddess are difficult to distinguish from depictions of other goddesses.

You can use these energies for

Healing women´s womb

Physical healing, emotional healing

Hormone balance

Physical and Metaphysical power of creation

Sexual issues, sex drive, orgasmic bliss, sexual blockages…

Pregnancy problems

You can Heal Male´s abuse of female energy, for men too.

Integrate mental and emotional femaleenergy for men.





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