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Phalec Empowerments by Ramon Martinez Lopez

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phalec empowerments by Ramon Martinez Lopez


Olympic spirits are supernatural beings and cannot be controlled.

The magical system ofOlympic spirits gives you a way of asking the universe for something they are not organizing about. You cannot threaten them or do anything which is a usual instrument of magic. You are getting in touch with one of the prime forces inthe universe and the most powerful source of magic. However they act accordingto their own will and according to their own plans. In some cases they will notgive you want you want, and in other cases they will let you have it even if itis not recommended. Gods are like that.

Empowerment to the seal of phalec


 use it for clearing your path of abundance and communication between your inner self and higher self and more applications of use. you can be guided.


phalec imaginery

1 and 7 ray



A King riding a Wolf

A man armed

A woman holding a shield on her thigh

A goat

A horse

A stag

A red garment









The flames in your chakras


 If the seven rays are theseven archetypal Gods from which all metaphysics is based, then The Olympic Spirits are remains of the divine union, as we are, and therefore must be brought together in the mind of the Magician as part of the journey home.

Remember that the Olympic spirit is the archetype of all Gods and Goddesses which are part of that ray. They are there to provide you with guidance on your life path.


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