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Relationships and Love with the Angels Channeled Psychic Reading - Give and Receive a Powerful, Radiating Force of Love

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If your capacity to feel, give, and receive love has been diminished over the course of time by cruelty, fear, and pain of life, this reading offers you an awakening to reclaim connection with your true self.  To find this awareness and reality of love in your life once again, you must open your heart . . . and the Angels will assist you to give and receive a powerful, radiating force of love.

Avoiding love and the capacity to actually feel love in your life due to fears created from past events robs you of an important part of yourself.  Some claim they won't ever really love because they are afraid they will lose the person they love, whether it's a mate or a family member.  They think that by not admitting to "feeling" that they can avoid a sense of loss at a later time.  But instead, they only end up severely short-changing themselves from love and happiness.

This reading will show you how to let love into your life again and shows you where your support will come from.  It shows you what or who holds you back and offers the gift of love to have from here on out.

The Angels will give you insight into the unconcious fears whether it's a matter of being afraid of intimacy, or finding it hard to get close to friends and loved ones. The Angels will reveal ways you may tend to separate yourself from the love of others.  The Angels will reveal the inner fears that may be hidden even from yourself.

The Angels will offer you forgiveness to help you release fear.  Many times it's a matter of the need to forgive someone from the past, or perhaps even the present . . . but sometimes the situation involves a need to forgiveone's self.  This area of the reading shows you what you need to release.

The support you receive (or lack) from friends is an important aspect of your life.  If friends do not have a positive effect on your life, it may be time for some new friends.  The Angels will offer you insight about relationships with others . . . and whether your needs are supported well enough with friendships you now have.

Looking at whether you are close to your family and if they are supportive of you.  A supportive family member will allow you to talk about things that are deeply meaningful to you.  The Angels will offer insight into your challenges with family.

If you already have a significant other in your life, the Angels will help you love your mate more than ever -- or identify challenges that keep your from an intimate, deeply loving and supportive relationship that you deserve.  If you do not currently have a partner, the Angels will assist you to attract the perfect partner by opening your heart to give and receive love.  A good mate will be supportive of you.

Are you confident and open to loving yourself, or are you self-critical?  How do your life, job, relationships, and family reflect your feelings for yourself?  The Angels will guide you through discovering your illusions about self love.

This is a channeled reading and will arrive via email.


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