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90 Minute Co-Dependency Healing Session


Codependency is sneaky and powerful. You may not be aware that it’s the root cause of problems in your relationship - and life. Does your marriage or relationship take up your thoughts and energy? Are you unhappy but unable to leave? If you answered yes, you may be codependent. Many codependents believe their happiness depends upon another person, a relationship, or finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. That focuses your thinking and behavior around someone you can’t control. This is codependency. You react to something external, rather than your internal cues. Addicts are codependent, too. Their lives revolve around their addiction – be it food, work, drugs, or sex. 

Codependency happens when you try to extract from someone else what you think you don’t have. Ultimately being codependent stems from lack of self-love, from failing to grant glory and worth to your-Self, hence needing the approval of someone else, needing their love to prove your self-worth becomes a dramatic game of extracting love, approval and appreciation from other people. On another level, it is dominance and control issues because when you make the other person responsible for your happiness, then the subconscious feels that as a loss of personal power, so controlling the person who is responsible for your happiness generates quite naturally a lot of drama.

A Codependent relationship is based on need rather than true higher giving love. To master all the traits of codependency on all levels of your awareness it is required to energetically disengage all Ids. (Identities), karmic imprints and soul fragments related to codependency. As well it is necessary to cut all toxic and parasitic cords with the other person to keep the integrity and individuation of your field. In order to manifest the higher giving love relationship your Soul longs for you must transmute at the quantum level of your awareness the source of co-dependency and re-activate your personal power so that you can honor yourself, trust yourself, and become yourself.

This session is 90 minutes.


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