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Ultimate 10 Question Angel and Spirit Guide Channeled Reading - Connect with Specific Guides and Angels for Direct Insight and Wisdom!


reg price 199.99


If you could speak with your angels and or spirit guides and ask them anything you wanted, what would it be? Would you like to know of your spirit guides and Angels are answering you and what they are helping you with at this time?


It can be challenging connecting with one's Angels and Spirit Guides. I can help you with this by channeling your Angels and Guides, allowing you to ask them questions that can help you in this life's journey.

I will channel the information to you as they speak. I will introduce you to the heavenly helper responding to your question(s) allowing you to know if they are an Angel or Spirit Guide, and what their role is in helping you in your life path as well as provide a physical description and name.

You may ask up to 10 single questions. The reading will arrive via email.

 Recieving a channeling from your Spirit Guides and Angels is a beautiful and uplifting experience that you will remember forever. The information and guidance discovered in  is useful in all aspects of your everyday life.


 Come and experience this rare opportunity of peace, love, and wisdom of the Universal Mind.



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