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Message Animal Totem Reading - Receive Messages of Powerful Self Growth or Spiritual Awakening from your Message Totem


Message Totems will often arrive suddenly, neutrally, and at random times throughout your life. Sometimes one Message Totem will appear, and sometimes there will be several all at once. The same animal acting as a Message Totem might appear multiple times throughout your life, or it might appear only once and will stay just long enough to make sure that the message has been received. Message Totems usually bring messages of powerful self-growth or spiritual awakening. The experience will stand out as unique and powerful.

A Message Animal Totem usually is bringing you a self growth, spiritual message, or a cautionary warning. It is often a wake up call or slap in the face. It will usually be a very unusual experience making it very powerful at that time and very impartial. A Message Totem is a brief period of time, a day, a week, and occasionally as much as a couple of months but can be immediate for just a few hours. Sometimes a Message totem is not bringing you a message but causing a delay in your life.

This is a channeled reading. It is delivered via email.

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