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90 Minute Weight Loss Clearing and Healing Session


This session is designed to clear old stored memories which are influencing the ability to lose weight or causing you to hold onto extra weight.

There is power in the expanding memory from others that allowed you to feel poorly about yourself lowering your self confidence and self esteem. If the emotional power of the old wounded insults and attacks are not cleared then adding more weight results in an effort to make you feel more safe.

Sometimes there is a tendency to eat rebelliously to gain a sense of power and freedom from anyone that controlled you in the past. Emotional wounds, insults, injuries, traumas, hurts, pains of the past can cause you to develop emotional eating habits, and to choose food that is void of the right nutrients to heal cravings and leads you to indulge in cravings.

This session will support you in releasing thepld stored negative energy so that these memories and wounds no longer control you and your eating habits causing you to gain and or hold onto additional weight, as well as supporting you in making healthy eating choices, developing healthy eating habits, controlling urges, binges, managing cravings, and raising your self confidence and self esteem.

Success may require more than one session. Most weight loss issues require several sessions. It is recommended that you go within and determine how many sessions feel right for you or to continue treatment until you get desired results.

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