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Hina Beauty, Creativity & Freedom Reiki by Gabriela Szafman - prosperity, compassion, courage, healing, freedom of enemies/situations of oppression


Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Characterized as the Mother of the Hawaian people, Hina is an archetypal figure of the Polynesians, who traveled far and wide over land and sea, eventually going to live in the Moon.


A multi-cultural legend, Hina is cherished by all Pacific Island peoples, and even exists in the Japanese culture as part of the name for Hina Matsuri, or “Girls’ Day”, as well as the central figure in a fairy tale about an ethereal girl who floats up into the night sky and disappears into the moonlight.

She is primarily known as a goddess in Polynesian cultures, and is as revered in New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti as well as in Hawaii.


She is synonymous with beauty, creativity and productivity in all the places where her name is spoken.


Hina is paired with a variety of male gods in the myth cycles of the Pacific Islands, typically with the proviso that when she left, it was to pursue her freedom, which some jealous and possessive mate had tried to limit.

Always carrying her calabash full of stars and her emblematic crescent moon, she was liable to take off into the unknown the moment she thought her independence was at risk.


Hina Beauty, Creativity & Freedom Reiki Will Help You:

• Beauty

• Creativity

• Prosperity

• Compassion

• Courage

• Healing

• Inspiration

• Invention

• Fertility

• Productivity

• Freedom in Situations of Oppression

• Freedom of Enemies


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