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$100 OFF SALE PRICE TODAY ONLY Lightbody Activations 5-7th Dimension plus DNA Activation Healing, Lightbody Distress Healing Sessions


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The Lightbody is the 5th dimensional energetic bridge between the Soul Self in the Higher Dimensions and the human physical self and energetic bodies and personality consciousness. It is made up of sound, light, color, and sacred geometries. It holds the energetic memoriy for us to return to our true nature as Beings of Light, as Love.

These Lightbody activations provide a powerful leap in consciousness.Immerse yourself in this Light Body activation process and live beyond this 3 D paradigm. If you are one that is committed to ascending into the fifth dimension and beyond this package is for you. Open your energy fields and bodies to embody more of your Soul's Light, bringing greater alignment to your mission, power and creativity. Receive these energetic lifts so that you feel lighter and your life flows more easily.

Etheric Crystals, astral devices, vows, contracts, will be removed freeing up your energy and releasing you from recreating experiences which are limiting. The Lightbody is restored to pristine, optimum health and well being by bringing you through higher frequencies of dimensional light.

We are entering the period of Ascension on our planet. It is important that we are prepared. These Activation Healing Sessions will work to clear away fears, limitations, and judgements from your inner life.

As a result you will manifest higher compassion, joy, and trust in your outer life. This process has the ability to assist you in evolving above physical, emotional and mental difficulties you may have endured.

It will fully reconnect you to the Divine Source/Spirit/God/All that IS. During the process energetic structures and programming keeping you from awakening your lightbody will be removed so that you no longer experience feelings of Seperation from the Divine Source. The pathways that energetically and consciously connect you to the Higher Self will be reformed, reconnected and reenergized.

It is especially helpful to receive these sessions when you are looking for your next step on your spiritual path and journey. If you have felt drawn to these sessions or they have been recommended to you then there is a reason.

If you are feeling stuck, scattered or ungrounded these sessions are right for you and will help you to move forward without fear.

These sessions will also help with Lightbody Distress Symptoms!

There are five 180 minute sessions in this package plus a free one hour session that is a gift to you! 

Session One - LightBody Distress Session - Free - Gift - 1 Hour

First, we will give you needed healing energy for the symptoms you experience when your lightbody is in distress. If you are not experiencing these symptoms yet then this session will help you as preventative medicine.

There are a variety of discomforts that can be experienced such as blurred vision, headaches, fatigue, lack of energy or vitality, heart pain, low sex drive, headaches/migraines, chronic pain in the neck/shoulder/back/pelvic area.

As well there are mental and emotional symptoms such as depression, overwhelm, anxiety, persistent emotional or mental issues, emotional/mental exhaustion, difficulty expressing feelings, poor concentration, difficulty holding thoughts, forgetfulness, and confusion.

Spiritually you may experience feelings of separateness, or feeling disconnected from your intuition, or feel powerlessness, helplessness, despair, blocked, and or have problems accessing spiritual gifts. It is important to note that if you have persistant symptoms of any kind always consult a health care professional. This energy is meant to be a compliment not replacement for sound medical advice and care from a licensed health care professional.

Session 2: Fifth Dimension Activation 180 minutes - Three 60 Minute Sessions

 Session 3: Fifth Dimension & Sixth Dimension Activation 180 minutes - Three 60 Minute Sessions

Session 4: Fifth, Sixth & Seventh Dimension Activation 180 minutes - Three 60 Minute Sessions

Session 5: is Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Dimension Activations plus DNA Activation 180 minutes - Three 60 Minute Sessions

As the Lightbody is awakened you will experience:

  • Freedom from separation programming created by the ego
  • Greater control over your emotions
  • Deeper Oneness and communion with the Divine Source
  • Deep Sense of peace and freedom
  • Calmness
  • Self Love
  • Open heartedness, greater capacity to give and receive love
  • Greater Compassion for Self and others
  • Strong sense of purpose
  • Freedom from taking on and or absorbing the emotions of others
  • Feeling centered, grounded, feeling whole, complete, integrated
  • The ability to achieve expanded states of consciousness
  • Improvement in relationships with others
  • Clarity and Enhanced Concentration
  • Stronger Sense of Self, Self-Indentity
  • Empowered
  • Optimism
  • Increased life force
  • Greater Wisdom
  • Alleviation of Physical pains, healing on all levels
  • Enhanced or opening of spiritual gifts - telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, etc.
  • Connection to the Ascended Masters
  • Able to Access Inner Personal Power
  • Increase of energy and vitality on all levels
  • More

About the Dimensions/Activations

Fifth Dimension Activation: Is free of the cycle of death and rebirth. This is a dimension where manifestation is by thought alone. One of the most important aspects in this activation is 'Opening of the heart' so that a spiral of Christ Energy radiates from the heart chakra. This greatly increases the love of who we are.

Sixth Dimension Activation: Is a higher vibrational etheric plane than the fifth dimension. This plane integrates new colors and sound waves into existence. This dimension holds the keys to the codes for higher forms of creation using the lightbody. It is also a bridge to the Ascended Realms. This activation involves a 'Cross of Pure Light' placed on all the chakras to raise your vibration up to the Sixth Dimension.

Seventh Dimension Activation: This realm supports the existence of the Ascended Masters including Jesus (or Christ Energy). This is the highest frequencies that humans are able to comprehend - it is a ray of pure love, universal wisdom and Universal Laws. This level initiates and maintains the coding to be able to work with the High Self to assure human transformation into a higher species of light. In this activation, the North and South Poles of your energy field are opened to accept the flow of quantum photon energy from the Seventh Dimension.

12-Strand DNA Activation: In this activation, the Eight Master Cells of the body, located in the thymus gland, are converted from 2-strand DNA to 12-strand DNA. Over time, these master cells spread the 12-strand transformation to all the cells in the body. This process evolves the human transformation into a higher species of light, fully prepared to shift into the Fifth Dimension.

 The more you receive Lightbody activations, there will be a difference in your ability in your life to feel and live in joy and receive vast abundance beyond what you ever thought would be possible. You will then be able to live in the most fulfilling way as you are of greatest service to God, all mankind and the planet as you live from a place of true and pure compassion, agape love, light, and joy.


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