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Fear of Losing or Being Controlled Cleansing, Clearing and Healing Session 90 Minutes


Many people experience uncomfortable situations during childhood that they could not control. Perhaps a parent left, or basic needs were not met and they learned to provide for themselves at a young age or had a controlling parent(s). As adults they become extremely self sufficient due to this earlier conditioning where depending upon others was painful or disappointing. This individual will generally refuse help from others.

Excessively controlling people may become inappropriately controlling in relationships with loved ones basically driving love and support away from them. Attempting to control, in a world where little can be controlled, inevitably leads to exhaustion and unhappiness - no matter what the outcome. A person with control issues may have deep rooted fears of losing control. As well as, having a strong dislike for being controlled by others. These issues may be rooted in the past and affecting the present.


With the Control Clearing and Healing Session this will allow these issues to be released so that you can have positive outcomes in the now, in whatever way your control issues are affecting your life at present as well as prevent these issues from coming up and affecting the future. In session the underlying issues that lead you to this behavior will be released so that you can be free of the tendency towards patterns of control issues. The session is designed to assist you in releasing these patterns once and for all so that they stop affecting your life and relationships. The energy will also help you recognize the feeling of control and issues that trigger this pattern of control and feel the other side of this emotion - balance! The session brings calmness and peace to the soul. It promotes a deep relaxation and sense of peace, emotional well being and helps to ease tensions and uplift your spirit. The session can aid you with issues around sleep and insomnia as well. It equally reduces depression, anxiety, and stress. If you are in a situation where you feel out of control this session can help you to find peace, calm and balance.


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