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Love Issues Clearing, Cleansing and Healing Session 90 Minutes


Some people say that the root of all emotions is either love or fear, some say every human act is either an expression of love or a cry for it… and it could be said that the source of illness at its most basic element – is a lack of self love. One of our greatest purposes in this human earthly journey is to love. We all come to this knowing in different ways, through different experiences. However, when one finds themselves in the presence of pure love, everything else seems very insignificant and every thing else seems to fade away, and this would make one wonder then what it is that keeps us from love?


Thought forms that restrict happiness, and abundance, are false and limiting beliefs such as that we do not deserve love, or that we are not lovable or that love ends in pain or is conditional in some way. These negative thoughts are played over and over in our conscious and unconscious mind and thus we sabotage the qualities in life that we most want. We then attract people who are not capable of loving us or will never love us enough and we begin to experience situations that affirm that what we want is elusive to us. Yet we do cry at romantic movies and or love songs, defining ourselves by painful stories perpetuating them with repeating them to others and all the while the great cosmic mirror is talking to us…saying is this really true? Only if you believe it!


This session is designed to clear emotional patterns, thoughts, beliefs, around receiving love. It will work to clear and release the fear of not being loved, the fear around loving, the fear of love, fear of losing love, fear of conditional love or love with an agenda or expecting that love will not last or that you will be hurt, abandoned or rejected and or the fear of intimacy. It will clear all fears around love.


The fear issues around love are deeply rooted and it may take more than one session to clear these. Early experiences that underlie your issues will be healed as well as beliefs, feelings and unmet needs that were formed in connection with those earlier experiences. This will allow you to build new life enhancing coherent beliefs feelings and needs that bring you inner power and deep and lasting growth and LOVE. This will create a shift in your energy field from the old to the new. You will become empowered by WHO YOU ARE REALLY and connect with your genuine power and potential knowing that anything is possible - even true love.


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